Adande undercounter drawers

Adande Under Counter

Adande under counter units are intended for positioning beneath food preparation worktops and tables

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Under Counter Commercial Refrigeration

Adande under counter units are intended for positioning beneath food preparation worktops and tables, making use of valuable kitchen floorspace that may otherwise be redundant. The units provide bulk storage capacity at the point of meal preparation, avoiding the need for operators to leave the workstation to fetch supplies from remote refrigerators. Under counter models are suitable for all foodservice and food retailing operations. They are popular in the retail sector, where they are often used in the supermarket delicatessen departments for pizza preparation, as well as pastry, bakery and delicatessen applications.


Available in one or two door formats, the under counter modules may be supplied with a ‘matchbox’ pass through facility, allowing access to the drawers from both sides of the fridge. Standard drawers take four 100 mm deep 1/1 GN pans with the capacity for 40 kg of food per drawer. A shallow drawer option is offered, to take four 75 mm deep 1/1 GN pans, holding 30 kg of food.


For the storage of different types of food, the temperature of each drawer may be regulated through a range of -22°C to +15°C, at 0.1°C increments. Adande also offers an A+ energy rated fridge only model with a temperature range of 0°C to 15°C. Depending upon the cold storage requirements, combination units are available drawers operating at each of these temperature ranges.


Low velocity cooling ensures that stable and even temperatures are maintained throughout the insulated horizontal container to keep food at optimum quality and freshness for longer. Adande’s unique and patented ‘hold the cold’ technology ensures that chilled air does not escape from the fridge, no matter how often the fridge is opened, significantly reducing energy consumption. The environmental credentials of the fridges are further underlined by the fact that they operate, as standard, on a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP) and exceptional thermodynamic performance qualities.

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