Adande is Fully Operational and Supporting Customers

Adande Refrigeration is pleased to announce that its manufacturing facility is now fully operational once more. The company is fully committed to helping its customers during the restart period and it will continue to protect them and its staff through its precautionary safety and social distancing measures.

Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson explains “During the lockdown we put in place measures for our staff to operate in a safe and responsible way and to fulfil our commercial commitments with the minimum of disruption. As an additional step to prevent any possible infection we are clinically sanitising our units prior to dispatch. We have good stock levels too and are in a position to deliver our profit enhancing units on the next day, if required.”

Adande Executive Chairman and CEO, Nigel Bell continues “It’s great to be back and fantastic to see so many of our world leading refrigerated drawers leaving our factory. Our unique refrigeration is perfectly suited to give finely controlled bulk storage in a socially distanced culinary setting. Our dedicated team is working hard to help our customers to plan their return and to improve the flow in their kitchens by making the most of our flexible, modular units in their compact kitchen arrangements. As we recognise that it’s not going to be easy for many operators

we have introduced new purchase schemes and we will of course continue to work closely with our industry partners to give our customers the service support they need.

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