Gilpin Hotel & Lake House

The Gilpin is a friendly, family-run hotel with a long-standing team. ‘Hrish’, is the Michelin starred restaurant where Executive Chef Hrishikesh Desai’s imaginative dishes combine Lake District produce and classic methods to deliver modern British dishes with a twist of Asia.

Michelin Star Gilpin Hotel & Lake House had Adande units delivered to two main kitchens within the Hotel in October 2016.

Adande spoke with the former National Chef of the Year, Roux Scholar, and Michelin star Executive Chef, Hrishikesh Desai, to see what benefits Adande Refrigeration is bringing to this fine long-standing establishment consisting of two luxurious hotels on two separate estates with two significant restaurant offerings.

If I could sum up in one word – Amazing! I would thoroughly recommend Adande to anyone. I trust the Adande refrigeration system – it has never let me down, and I have 10 drawers set over two kitchens: six in the Michelin star Hrish restaurant, and 4 drawers in the new Gilpin Spice. I love them!

Did you experience any benefits from using the Adande unit?

Very much so, particularly with organisation, and ease of service. Hygiene is important, of course, and Adande are really so very easy to clean. But, most importantly, they maintain the temperature at all times; especially when we are in full service.

Did you find any improvement in the food quality?

The freshness of the food is paramount and Adande aids the longevity of the product. I trust its holding abilities.

Have you noticed a reduction in food waste?

Yes! Prep food is not squandered or spoiled; I have really seen a lot less waste from my Adande units.

In using the Adande, have you noticed less obstruction or traffic in the kitchen?

Yes – the Adande helps in organising the sections, so fewer movements, less work and my chefs can easily see what they need, so it’s great!

Has it helped during food audits?

If the Environmental Health Officers drop-in, they can witness the modern Adande system and can be assured we are looking after the products we hold – the displays are so clear!

Have you noticed or experienced seal breakage?

I have been using Adande for around 10 years and have never had that problem.

How did you find support information and Customer Service at Adande?

To be honest, I have never had to use Customer Service for problem-solving, but when I have spoken with the Adande team they are really very helpful.

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