The Stackpole Inn

In the village of Stackpole, at Jason’s Corner you will find a picturesque country eaterie akin to a cottage on a chocolate box. Once inside, it is just as delightful, and the warm welcome soon has you settling in for the afternoon. Taste the food, and you can see why this charming pub with its facilities for an overnight stay is so popular, and has won so many accolades. We catch up with the landlord and owner, Gary Evans, who takes us behind the scenes and into his kitchen

Gary Evans and his wife Rebecca originally acquired The Stackpole Inn back in 2007 when a change of career beckoned – hospitality was where this duo were going to make their mark. Now, some 15 years later the inn has won numerous awards for its accomodation and outstanding fare. When it comes to refrigeration Adande is their star performer, so we went into the kitchen to find out more.

"This is the great thing about Adande, it really does hold the cold, unlike any other. Times like these you really see how valuable that is.”

What made you choose Adande as your refrigeration supplier?

Initially, we needed high quality refrigeration to help with the storage of deserts and ice creams. We knew we wanted a drawer based system because it just gave our staff easy access to food during busy times and you can see your whole produce quickly. We knew of Adande and were impressed with the company’s reputation and how they dealt with us. This gave us confidence, from the get-go.

What do you like about Adande?

We love Adande because not only does it keep the high quality of our ice cream, – ie no ice crystals, and we have a lovely soft scoop, with Adande drawers we have the flexibility of switching the usage during the winter months, from freezer to fridge. This is brilliant, because it allows for menu changes and fresh food storage. When we bought the drawers we opted for the built-in blast chill function. We don’t have a lot of space here, certainly not enough for a separate blast chiller, so it really made sense for us, especially when the cost of adding this function worked out much cheaper than purchasing a separate unit.

You’ve recently added more units to your kitchen, can you tell us about it?

Yes, sure, so it was a simple decision really. Our Head Chef, Matt Waldron has used Adande before. His experience in the fine dining sector saw him use the Adande drawers in Sketch in London, also in the Gordon Ramsey Group, and closer to home in James Sommerin’s restaurant in Penarth.

Matt appreciates the performance of the Adande and the freedom it gives, allowing us to exactly set the temperature we need for different foods. I of course love that they are hard wearing and come with a 5-year warranty. They are built to last, and in the current business climate I need to rely on that.

How much are rising costs an issue?

Cost is a real issue for us, and its not only produce but the rise in energy costs that are also concerning. This is a worry

not just for us but for our customers who just like everyone ends up with less disposable income to spare to eat out and enjoy an overnight stay. Luckily we are very busy, but a major factor when looking at refrigeration and indeed any purchase we make on foodservice equipment is the energy usage. It’s great that Adande is a low energy user and I have peace of mind that when I open the drawer the cold air, the air I am paying to chill, does not fall out, but stays with the food, where we need it. This is the great thing about Adande, it really does hold the cold, unlike any other. Times like these you really see how valuable that is.

That’s great, so we take it you are happy with Adande and it meets your needs?

Without a doubt. It’s a brilliant fridge we wouldnt be without it. Plus, now having the benefit of a blast chiller means we can prep and cool with ease. Thank you Adande!

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