Cook and Chill. The way most successful operations work, in that they prep, they cook and they chill all manner of delectables in store for a later calling.

It makes for an efficient operation, it ensures the kitchen cycle of food prep, cook and serve is a seamless process, it saves time and preserves not just the food, but also an outlet’s bottom line.

For restaurants and eateries where quality is of the utmost importance the Cook and Chill process retains an item’s nutritional value, as well as its flavour and texture. It’s safe to say Cook and Chill is a safe and trusted way to prepare for busy service periods.

Adande are all about providing the very best in refrigeration solutions, for the proprietor, the Chefs, and kitchen staff, ultimately so you can serve the food you want, how you want and at optimum quality. That is why Adande include a blast-chill function on its trusted drawers, making Cook and Chill easy as pie!

By adding in a blast-chill function it gives the operator even greater control. It enables you to set the drawers as a blast chill and then back to fridge or freezer as you wish. It’s really that simple. Up to 7kg can be blast chilled at any one time, in just 90 minutes you can take the food temperature from 70°C safely down to 3°C. Once the blast chill has finished its cycle, the drawer temperature will then be held at 3°C.

Plus of course, the fact Adande is the only refrigeration on the market to offer precision temperature, you can then set the exact temperature you need, within 0.5°C.

It’s easy to specifiy the blast-chill function on your Adande drawers, both Adande Side Engine (VCS) and Matchbox (VCM) units can be built with blast chilling added to their fridge or freezer functionality. See the finer detail, in our specification leaflet.

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