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Over the past decade smart automation has exploded because we live our lives that bit faster. Technology has had to deliver the solution to our problem of being worn out and frazzled mid-way through our to-do list. There are just not enough hours in the day anymore and technology has become our escape hatch. Pervading all areas of life, including the food service industry.

Indeed, a connected kitchen is fast becoming a Chef’s best friend. Where once the enormous pressure at every stage of the preparation and cooking process was added to a taught and somewhat, fraught, environment, now technology helps shoulder the load. The oven can talk to the microwave, and the dishwasher tells you when its brushes need replacing. Smart connections that ultimately speed up the catering process, allowing more covers to be delivered thanks to time efficiency savings.

When it comes to kitchen refrigeration there has also been a hugely positive impact for the kitchen brigade. The Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 require that certain foods are kept at or below 8°C. It is recommended that refrigeration operates at between 2°C and 5°C. In order for one to know whether a kitchen is complying correctly, readings must be taken at regular intervals. Proper temperature control is the single most important measure in preventing food poisoning and therefore must be strictly controlled. So, imagine, you have multiple fridges, a mix of uprights, under-counters and drawers and periodically the temperature readings have to be taken. Important not just that they are correct, and indeed consistent of course, but also that the kitchen staff have performed their due diligence and properly adhered to the rules and regulations regarding kitchen hygiene and safety. Through means of software-controlled probes fitted to the refrigeration, data analysis can now be automated, readings taken, stored in the cloud and accessed on a device of your choosing, a laptop, an ipad, a phone even.

Adande is all about efficiency, ever since its inception it has challenged the norm, showing through clever design and technology how refrigeration can give back to the kitchen, through energy cost savings, maintenance cost savings, less food waste, and keeping important ingredients in tip-top condition.
No wonder then, when it comes to connectivity, Adande is there once more, supporting its customers and providing fuss-free solutions.

In point of fact, when it comes to working with customers connection software, Adande is the perfect partner because it is continually developing its own expertise in working seamlessly with a venues’ favourite monitoring system.

Companies like Monika, Flowrite, and JTL, – Adande works with them all. Even Tektronix, famously known for their speciality instrumentation and temperature measurement for large retailers, Adande connects to the readers probes to deliver reliable temperature monitoring for kitchens everywhere.

Dining brands prefer this approach, it means they can pick the software they want to use and feel assured that Adande will work with that software provider. There are no hidden costs with Adande, – you don’t need to purchase each equipment supplier’s own ‘named’ software in order to run temperature monitoring. Instead, venues can pick a system that works for them, and Adande will work alongside its customers in order to give back time to the chefs, time for them to concentrate on what they do best, – creating the dishes we love.

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