Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson, talks to Catering Insight.

Has Adande’s dealer strategy changed since Covid? – how would you best describe your approach to working with dealer partners?

Yes of course, we have reviewed our operation and not so much changed our dealer strategy, but continue to hone it, fine tuning it to take into account the changing landscape. The fallout from COVID, and the financial situation we currently all find ourselves in is a real burden for hospitality and it’s important we can confidently navigate what potentially could be really tough times in the months ahead.

For us, as a business, it’s very important that we are lean, that we can respond quickly, are competitive and that we invest in future technology that will drive refrigeration forward and continue to deliver sustainably for users. We put the end user at the heart of everything we do. As a result, this means that being able to support our dealer network is critical, the dealer is an extension of our internal team, a representative of our brand.

To aid that process, we launched our TEAM dealer initiative at the beginning of 2022. This scheme enables closer working between our companies and gives dealers that are invited to join, the confidence that we will do what we can to ensure they win the business they vie for.

Part of that, is being able to deliver product quickly. Our teams have done a sterling job internally to secure our supply lines, this means we have the capability to deliver, more or less all our product range at short notice, if needed.

We have held our list prices, so whilst other manufacturers were increasing their prices, some by as much as 20%, we have been able to keep ours stable, thanks to efficiencies within our business which we have continued to leverage. We are also incentivising more. This helps everyone to focus, and rewards those who are out working the coal face, day-in, day-out.  We have taken some of the cost burden to help our customers.

Yet, this is not all. It’s vitally important that end users understand why and how Adande performs better than competitor brands. That we are the only refrigeration manufacturer with technology that ‘holds-the-cold’ and that this feature delivers multi-benefits and cost reductions for those that buy our products. Ensuring the dealer network not only understands that about Adande but can impart that knowledge with the same passion we have for our products is key. We put a lot of effort into that. It’s funny but I see so many manufacturers using the same messages, but let me tell you, the difference between the products is huge. It’s really important the dealer can show the end users just how Adande can benefit them above and beyond other brands. It’s where the value is given to the end user, in that very understanding.

In a recent Whitbread kitchen study energy cost savings from switching to only Adande units equated to near 50%, which is huge. Add to that, the fact Adande helps drive more revenue due to ergonomics – by facilitating faster service thanks to the fact you can have the drawers in the right location and can access your produce quickly. Plus, Adande retains great food quality, which, of course is the purpose of refrigeration. The Adande ‘hold-the-cold’ design keeps food in fresher condition for longer, retaining its flavour and texture, and means food waste is reduced. We can help operators save cost and, most importantly – we can prove it!


This kind of collaboration is a virtuous circle, its good not just for us, but the dealer and the ultimately, the end user too. Everyone benefits. Ensuring the end user experience is first-class with an Adande TEAM dealer is always the goal.

What are the biggest advantages for dealers in partnering with Adande?

First and foremost it’s a reputational advantage. If a dealer delivers for its customers, the customer (you hope) returns, recommends and becomes an advocate. Giving good service pays dividends. We will help dealers to deliver that great service, from knowledge transfer, to pricing, to delivery and beyond.  We will only work with dealers that want the same things, that care enough to stand out in leading the way. They don’t need to be big organisations to do that either, they just need to be proactive and focused. Giving good service – and this can look very different from client to client, will help drive business for the dealer network. As part of the TEAM group we support our dealers by giving them access to testimonial material from all sectors of hospitality, so end-users can see what the buying public is saying about our products. We give TEAM dealers access to our films, so they can share content via their own channels, if they wish.  We give them all manner of collateral that they can show in their places of business, at events, on their websites. All TEAM dealers are publicised on our own website where we plan to also expand that content. We are going to lengths to ensure the end users that if they choose an Adande TEAM dealer, they can expect a high level of knowledge, intelligent response and a brilliant service.

Are there any areas in terms of dealer support / benefits that you are looking to improve?

We are always looking to improve and will work with the dealer network in sharing our insight and knowledge to understand best how to do that as we go forward. The TEAM dealer network is already providing great insight and its great to see dealers win projects for us where we have helped to support that activity. We feel positive that with all signs pointing to some tough times ahead, in terms of hospitality and the economy, Adande product benefits coupled with great service delivered by an energetic and engaged dealer network will confidently take us into 2023.

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