Bora Refrigerated
Grab & Go Cabinet

Significant reduction in energy costs

Food stays fresher for longer

Easy access for Grab and Go sales

Large merchandising capacity on a small footprint

A warmer shopping experience

Bora Cabinet Features


• Food stays fresher for longer
• No doors required
• Stable holding temperatures for greater efficiency
• Narrow operating temperature
• Typical payback of less than two years


• Easy access for grab & go sales
• A warmer shopping experience
• Large merchandising capacity and small footprint
• Versatile shelving configurations (5 or 6 shelves)
• EPOS ticket strip
• Range of LED lighting options


• Simple restocking
• Easy cleaning
• Low maintenance
• Plug and go 13 Amp electrical supply


• Integral refrigeration
• Digital electronic controls for accurate set-up and
temperature control
• Removable front grille for ease of access during
maintenance operations
• Self-evaporating condensate water tray
• R290 refrigerant

BORA Integral Refrigerated
Grab & Go Powered by

How it Works

Aircell® is a unique and  patented air flow management technology, which divides the merchandising envelope into separate cells between shelves. The smaller cells have a shorter air column, resulting in less pressure on the inside of the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage.

Aircell® does not require back panel flow, ensuring that a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the cabinet. It is particularly suited to harsh environments, such as stores with cross draughts and higher ambient conditions, which have a detrimental effect on the performance of conventional cabinets.

Technical Specifications

Specifications shown are for a 5-shelf unit, also available as 6-shelf unit. Please ask for details

*Supplied on castors

Dimensions1960 mm (H) x 1330 mm (W) x 765 mm (D) (805mm with bump rail)
Weight300 kg
Shelf storage area / volume2.71m² (4 shelves plus base)/762 litres
Operating temperature2°C to 5°C at a maximum ambient of 25°C/60%RH CC3 (tested to EN ISO 23953)
Electricity Supply220-240V/50 Hz
Daily energy consumption (kWh)7.43kWh/24h
Running Amps2.0A (without lights), 2.17A (with lights)

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