Are you thinking of buying new refrigeration? Then now is a good time to take your business further, by taking advantage of the governments new Super Deduction Scheme. Turbocharge your Super Deduction Tax Credit with Adande From 1st April 2021 companies can claim 130% capital allowance when purchasing Food Service Refrigeration.

Under the government’s new Super Deduction scheme, for every £1 your company spends, tax will be cut by up to 25p, meaning you can save whopping 25% on an Adande purchase.

Buying Adande will allow you to boost that 25% government tax rebate and save even more. Adande actively lowers your energy costs and reduces food waste, savings that can be quantified over time, giving you more £s in your pocket. Plus, our units are made to withstand the harshest and busiest working environments, they are robust and sturdy, and long lasting.

To prove it, all Adande units come with a 5-year UK warranty with a 2-year warranty on seals.

It makes sound financial sense to buy Adande, and something your kitchen will thank you for.

So why not boost your Super Deduction with Adande, and take your business to new places.

For more information, please contact one of the Adande sales team on 01502 537135

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