We Love New York

We Love New York!

New York’s Hudson Yard’s Wild Ink Eaterie; now the latest home of Adande

Holding the cold in the Manhattan skyline is an easy feat for Adande. The Wild Ink restaurant housed in the second-highest building in New York City has become the latest home of the Adande ‘hold the cold’ drawer set.

The newly opened Wild Ink restaurant, in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards development recently purchased 10 of the Adande VCS2 refrigerated drawers. The drawers were chosen as their insulated horizontal containers give stable holding temperatures and give proven energy savings of up to 60% when compared with other market models.

Like all of the Adande drawers, the dual temperature modules can be switched between chilled and frozen storage, at the flick of a button and ensures any food waste is kept to a minimum.

In the Wild Ink Kitchen, the Adande units are located beneath the worktops and adjacent to cooking appliances, providing ergonomic, quick and easy access to ingredients in the preparation of meals. The restaurant’s chefs use the Adande drawers for the storage of all perishables, including fish, meat, salad and vegetables, as well as all elements for mise en place.

Given the Adande drawers provide a better stability of both temperature and humidity, its little wonder then the Adande drawers were chosen for the Wild Ink kitchen.

Executive Chef, Peter Jin explained that it was these inherent Adande attributes that help his team meet Wild Ink’s objective of delivering a premium dining experience.

Incremental control of temperature and optimum humidity mean that we can store ingredients at perfect conditions over extended periods for reduced waste. The ability to switch between chiller and freezer modes is a particularly useful function, providing us with greater cold storage versatility.

He added that previous experience of Adande drawers at rhubarb facilities in the UK had influenced the specification of refrigeration equipment. He went onto say that kitchen ergonomics had been an important factor in the decision to install the units at Wild Ink.

The large capacity space-saving modules are conveniently positioned at the point of food preparation, meaning that chefs don’t have to leave their workstations to fetch food from remote refrigerators. The drawers are easier to access than conventional upright cabinets with the use of racking systems, ingredients are clearly visible. This all saves time, especially during the busiest periods of service. The containers are very easy to clean, which reduces manpower for housekeeping regimes. I also like the drawer open alert.

Adande USA is proud to be associated with such a fine eaterie, and certainly looks forward to sampling some of Wild Ink’s yummy dishes next time we’re in town!

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